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Alvin Medina

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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Musician. An inspirational artist, Alvin Medina has earned his reputation as a talented musician and skillful performer. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, Alvin Medina continues to touch fans around the world with his distinct and enjoyable musical style. Explore the site and check out his music below.

Alvin's brief musical Bio

A Passionate Performer

Alvin Medina was born in Philadelphia, PA. He began playing the Puerto Rican cuatro at the age of 6. He also plays the guitar, Cuban Tres and the bass among other instruments. His professional career began at the age of 16 when he began recording professionally. Since then, he has performed with distinguished Latin artists such as Andy Montañez, Ismael Miranda, Johnny Pacheco, Marvin Santiago and the legendary Yomo Toro to name a few. He has had the prestigious honor to be featured as a soloist, one of the pioneers using the Puerto Rican Cuatro, performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey. Alvin has recorded and performed with internationally famous latin artists such as Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony & Mexican Banda singer, Gilberto Ortiz.  

He is a current member of the Romeo Santos Band and has toured the world along side the internationally famous artist as an instrumentalist using the Puerto Rican Cuatro, bachata requinto, traditional requinto and acoustic guitar. 

Digital Download
Romeo Santos - Inocente (Audio)
Ay Bendito
Romeo Santos - Veneno - Festival de Viña del Mar 2015 HD
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